My List

1)  Lingering in a steaming bath
2)  The speech of a puppy's whimper
3)  Expression in a puppy's eyes
4)  The comeback of cherry-almond hand soap
5)  anticipation and reward
6)  leaning and learning
7)  God's surprises
8)  children who really do love each other
9)  children who say they're sorry
10)  mechanical pencils
11)  a concordance
12) featherlike bathrobes and fluffy scrambled eggs
13) the mirror we sometimes find in others
14) brand new clothes sold at garage sales
15) anniversary gifts
16) Google
17) The hustle bustle of getting ready for church
18) hair blogs
19) movies and popcorn
20) children's books with deep meanings
21) stubborn mamas all around
22) naps with my husband
23)the unexpected, long hug from a son growing fast
24) showtunes
25) Misty Edwards
26) bedtime
27) Porcelain dolls from distant times, remembered names
28) hot milk and honey, newly discovered
29) Funny Christian books
30) being me
31) being unashamed
32) writing, in the middle of the day, the house a mess
33) snowforts
34) Sundays
35) being okay with resting
36)  GRACE
37) seeing the grass again and kids being able to play outside
38) a teenager who can drive
39) honesty
40) new friends

41) water for a thirsty soul
42) God given courage
43) teaching my children as I, too, learn
44) the protector mind and puppy heart of my dog 
45) the sound of my children reading aloud
46) trees to climb