Monday, September 12, 2011

Today - Play

Today I am not inclined toward handstands.... but maybe I need to be.

Today the kids want to play.  I say, "It's Monday, there's stuff to do."

But what if I gave up stressing? Gave up the worry, just right now and said, "It's okay that you all have built a fort in the living room, that there's a million barbies everywhere, that you want yet more toys what,  let's just play."

What if these were my words, my thoughts for today rather than the financial worries, the schoolwork tensions.

 Would it be so unacceptable if today I remembered to be grateful that my kids are still young enough to play and that this time is short. What if I just changed perspective?

Grateful today for:

living room forts
cartwheels on carpet
baby sentences
the cooling weather
a job in today's economy
casting my cares on Him

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  1. I need to do the same thing! I need to enjoy each moment. Living room forts--so much fun!

  2. Growing up, my sister and I always played until it was too dark to see, then did homework and chores once we got all the energy out of our systems. Which, sounds like a terrible philosophy (haha), but you're only young once. There is enough time for responsibilities. I say appreciate that your kids are young, and go be young with them! :)
    Have a great, stress free week!

    ~Ariel at

  3. I knew I would be challenged on this after I wrote it and lo and behold the kids have just asked to have a water fight outside! I had to say yes! Ariel, it's actually a great philosophy!

  4. Trust me, these years will go by sooooo fast, and you will miss them when they have passed. Make beautiful memories now. There is nothing quite as important. Love, love, love this photograph. It truly says it all!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!

  5. well...I'd say you are no AVERAGE housewife :). And I bet your kiddos would agree. Every once in a while it's ok to throw out the rule book, right? Sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Lisa, they already have gone so fast! Thanks, Laura and Ewa. :)

  7. Yes, something happens to us on the road to becoming grown up. We forget how to play! As one whose kids are grown and gone...ditch the Monday chores and play with your kids every chance you get!

  8. Love the photo! Have fun with your kids!