My response to this article:

Normally, I remain pretty quiet about my politics and my more ‘controversial’ beliefs, but this article bothered me so much I need to speak up.  It was one of the vilest pieces I’ve read.  I read it twice just to be sure I understood exactly what this woman was asserting.  Though, I am pro-life, I practice compassion in my actions and thoughts in regards to those who hold a different mindset.  I understand that many women who choose abortion feel desperate and alone.  Often, difficult choices are made in the face of desperation.  Yet, what this doctor advocates so strongly for is something entirely different.  I felt like I might vomit reading her admission that she “loves providing abortion care;” that the training for these procedures “was exciting.”  I wondered what was wrong with her.  Even if I am in disagreement, I can understand a doctor who provides abortions because they believe they are necessary but to love it?  It seems to me that no matter how you cut it, vacuuming a fetus with moving hands and feet and a heartbeat would not be something to love or be excited about. I can’t imagine that process being a ‘feel good experience’ as she says.  She feels good and is excited about her profession because she believes that all women “need” “reproductive healthcare” so that their ambitions and opportunities for success might not be curtailed. It’s basically a way of closing the gender gap, she states. We (women) can’t rule the world without it.  God help us.  At least she’s honest.  Sacrificing the unborn so we can get ahead.  If that’s not the most blatantly callous and selfish sentiment….This doctor and her love of self really epitomizes our current culture.  Nothing is sacred, nothing matters, we just serve the god of self. The god of ego.  The god of what I want right now.  Damn the consequences of my prior actions. Damn responsibility.  Damn others.  I have rights.  She concludes with a list of why abortion is “fair.”  Fair, is taking responsibility for one’s own actions.  As if nature is unjust and at fault not man (or woman) who continues to do whatever they want as long as there’s a quick fix. “Most importantly,” she says, “…it is fair to children that they are born into a world where they are wanted, and loved, and cared for.” There’s a novel idea.  Just don’t ask us to go so far as to want and love and care for them.  We’re busy trying to rule the world.  Gross.  I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind or a debate but I had to vent for me. 

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