Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 update and a confession

It feels a bit magical so far, Novel Writing Month.

It seems that God is for it and I am being beckoned in by Him.

My school approved this month off.  Brett's parents are in town this week and have had the kids.  And I'm even here for a brief moment because I went over the word count goal yesterday!  5 pages of a brand new story has unfolded and I'm excited to see what comes!

One confession here:  Although I'm enjoying all the writing time I'm also missing the children.  They've been spending the night away - all of them- and being only a writer and not a mom would be sad and lonely, I've discovered.


  1. We always learn good and important things when we are away from loved ones.
    All the best with the Novel and hope you will see your little ones soon.

  2. woot...good wishes for your novel this month...sounds like you have worked some of the details in your favor to give you some good push time...

    yeah its nice to get a break but i miss mine too when i do...

  3. oh how wonderful! i'm a bit jealous, as i sit here trying to write a novel while nursing my 3-month-old :) but yes, i agree with you: i wouldn't, deep down, have it any other way.