Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quiet my mind

This hits me right where I need it today.  As I took my quiet half hour, and my mind spun, I spun gratitude and pleas to bring me back to His presence.

And I don't know when I became so anxious.  I don't know when relaxing became so impossible. When did I start adding a million rules and regulations to my already busy days?

I felt God saying, 'You keep my commandments, so why are you adding to the list? "

I don't know.  But I know it makes me miserable.  And uptight and high strung.

Young continues, "Though many people think that beginning the day with Me is sufficient, they frequently go off course unless they continue seeking Me throughout their waking hours," reminding me how true this is.

Lord, quiet my mind today.  Allow me to relax in You, trusting You with my tomorrows and with the next hour.  Remind me that I am small.

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