Sunday, April 8, 2012

If you feel like a little Edward Taylor

From:  Preparatory Meditations (Prologue)
“…If it its Pen had of an Angel’s Quill,
And sharpened on a Precious Stone ground tight,
And dipped in liquid Gold, and moved by Skill
In Crystal leaves should golden Letters write,
It would but blot and blur, yea, jag, and jar
Unless Thou mak’st the Pen,and Scrivener.
I am this crumb of Dust which is designed
To make my Pen unto Thy Praise alone,
And my dull Fancy I would gladly grind
Unto an Edge on Zion’s Precious Stone.
And write in Liquid Gold upon Thy Name
My Letters till Thy glory forth doth flame.

…Inspire this crumb of Dust till it display
Thy Glory through’t: and then Thy dust shall live.
Its failings then Thou’lt overlook, I trust,
They being Slips slipped from Thy Crumb of Dust.

Thy Crumb of Dust breathes two words from its breast,
That Thou wilt guide its pen to write aright
To Prove Thou art, and that Thou art the best
And show Thy Properties to shine most bright.
And then Thy Works will shine as flowers on Stems
Or as in Jewelry Shops, do gems.”

The Poems of Edward Taylor

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