Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I gave up blogging a while back. My last post is proof that I had gotten snotty and angry in my posts. I didn't want to use my blogging as an excuse just to puke on people. And I questioned openly my motivations for blogging. I am back because of my own journey for significance. I have found my answer and it is an answer I know I will need to be reminded of time and again. My significance is in God. I am hidden in Christ. If you do not see in me only Christ and see, rather, me, then I am failing God. I want to be significant in the world's eyes. I worry about silly things like whether my blog has pictures on it. About whether anyone cares about what I have to say. I worry about whether I'll ever publish a book and will it be recognized. I worry about what I put on facebook. This is embarassing but it is true. I go to the blog A Holy Experience and I am blessed. I see Christ. I am brought to Christ. Am I to do this too? Bring people not to me, but to Christ? I know I am. Why do I worry about what I reveal about myself when I need to reveal God's grace and love only? So I am back. But it is not me. It will be Christ through me. If I fail in this, then I will back off again until I can return to what He calls me.

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