Friday, February 3, 2012

Real Life

It is 5:41 am.  I have been awake since four am and out of bed since 4:30 am.  So forgive if this post is less than polished.

Funny, that for so long, I've been desiring to rise early and write.  And yet the plan was to be up before the kids to write in silence.  I just never seem to be able to get up before them.  And even this morning, I am up because they are up.  Why they were wide awake at four is beyond me, but after hushing them for a half hour to no avail, I stated that we might as well just get up.

I decided to take advantage of the sunless morning sky and write and yet, not without the chaos of the children,who are already loud as they are at any given hour of the day.  Please, Lord, don't let this hour become a habit.

Envisioned life, is me writing in quiet with coffee to a sunrise, greeting the kids with a smile as they wake hours after me.

Writing anyway at this hour, with four kids in four different directions appears to be real life.

for Five Minute Friday


  1. Hello, visiting from Five Minute Friday, but it's like I am reading my own thoughts. Your book list, most of it could be mine. Trying to not feel guilty because you stay at home but don't like to cook or clean...I know this struggle so well. And the funny part? I moved from Iowa to Michigan. And now, Iowa feels so wonderfully familiar. Iowa is my Arizona. Keep writing. It will keep you sane, humbled and focused.

  2. Laura, it's hard to imagine Iowa to someone what Arizona is to me! ;) But I'm glad you can relate, especially with the cooking and cleaning part. That's always a relief to hear!