Monday, February 27, 2012

walk confidently

"...In your day and times this life seems meaningless, terrifying and full of suffering, violent and easily brushed across the veil because of a thousand menacing dangers.  The purpose of the inward struggles for integrity, to live, even to simply exist, stupefies the philosophers who like all the rest grope blindfolded through the first human stages, for the mystery is not revealed at once, but day by day, little by little and only to the seeker...The events of your times , stages in human personalities of those with whom you must march add to your darkness and confusion.  Under these circumstances of human living great can be the loneliness and the suffering...But the hope and the wonder is that a change comes, a dawning,when you reach a place, when you step forward and choose wisely.  You have acted upon your choice, you have stood your ground and have not weakened so that we can tell you to walk confidently carrying your dawning with you...within you is the light, within you is the freedom, therefore with eye turned inward you are safe...."

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  1. there is always hope....
    lovely image to go with your post!