Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scallop shell of quiet

"Go your way step by step.  Now is the appointed time to do your part: and your part, as you know well, cannot be done with righteous and breathless rectitude, but by being receptive so that you can be used as a channel, which is part of being a temple of the Spirit.  It is the antithesis of noise and dubious fame; be the silent ones, anointed, with rod and staff and the scallop shell of quiet and the promise of truth."


  1. Beautiful words and photo. What verses and version? I want to memorize this.
    Julee @ Grey Barn STORIES

  2. Interesting, to say the least. Made me keep thinking and pondering.

  3. Sorry,I should have been more clear in quoting. It's from the book, Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood.