Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day One

Here is my attempt at getting my voice out, though I am questioning why I feel the need to. I am, as my title states, "just an average housewife." And yet, I'd like to think I'm more. I'd like to think that by thirty I've learned a few things along the way that maybe I can share. Or maybe I just need a place to vent. An outlet for what so often doesn't get expressed. I have mixed feelings about blogging, and the idea that every one needs to be heard, and yet hear I am, as egocentric as the rest, sharing random thoughts with strangers. Whatever happened to a diary with a lock? But the information age calls me to join, to not let my voice be stifled. All I can really hope to do is share tidbits of my life. My life that somehow seems more relevant to me these days. Maybe it's because I am thirty, maybe it's because there is a part of a woman that gets lost when she has children, but that begs to be found, maybe it's because I'm sitting on the edge of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, or maybe it's because I'm a child of God and He did indeed give me words to speak and a story to tell. I almost titled this "Confessions of a Failed Housewife." Not because I am, but because I feel that way about fifty percent of the time. I'll venture to guess that many others feel that too. Maybe we can come to acceptance together in our journey. Acceptance not of mediocrity but of contentment. We shall see. But now, I have to go, because my baby just woke up. Maybe I'll have time later to write a little more. But maybe not.

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  1. You've captured so much of the heart of being caught on the edge of this techy revolution age- too old to "get it" naturally, but too young to ignore it. I understand what you said- especially the comments about the "failed" bit. It's all turned out so different than I expected. Of course, my biggest issues is that I wasn't home for my kids- yet even though you are, we relate!