Sunday, August 23, 2009

This has to be super short and sweet because I'm heading out the door. Campground again. Oh, yay! But I had to get at least a little bit of this down. So, I've been going back and forth trying to find any merit in actually keeping this blog. I guess, I know that everyone has something to say, it's just that I struggle with wondering if what I have to say really might hold any interest for anyone. It's one thing to write boring things in my journal, but writing boring things online... well, I don't want to be guilty of that. Though, it will probably happen.

Well, what I came to was finally this: so long as everything I write honors God, and I speak not out of my own wisdom, but from His, then it will be fine. Everything I do, I want to do it for His glory. Which is not to say, that I'm going to be preachy or compose daily devotionals. I'm just going to read what I write an extra time before hitting the post button. I promise to be honest about my struggles and my triumphs, the triumphs which only come through Him.

This subject was a lot longer this morning as I was talking to my husband over coffee. He wasn't awake yet, so I think he just thought I was rambling. I did go off on a tangent about academia, and Fox news and Peter Singer. Maybe, I'll enlighten you later on all that, but for now I've got to go.

Oh, also, I want to know how often people change their sheets. I'll put up a poll if I get around to it. And I will also try to get to the topic of being a housewife, because there IS a lot to say about it, and I don't believe it's boring.


  1. There is also the idea that writing helps us process things, and see it in a new perspective. I've been keeping journals for years. No one has ever read them, but writing them was worth it just for the benefit I received. Take care!

  2. My Grandma M. Thus your Great Grandma... washed like a maniac. She used her wash board and ringer and starch and then, after drying them on the line of course, she ironed them. I did not inherit that gene (o:
    Avery has that same stare Verity has. Lori use to have it too, and if I remember right you were pretty good at it too. (o:
    I can see that you would be a little reluctant to make the first move at making friends. I can chat when I want to, but then again with old age, I can be picky and just- not. My mother was not very good at making friends or having friends. She just didn't seem to need them... but now I know that was mostly just a hard front she put up. I like to read your thoughts (o:

  3. You sound like a HOTTTT house wife to me. Does your hubby know how lucky is?

  4. P.S. That last blog was from your hubby, and to answer my own question, yes I do.

  5. Ok, babe, you're using my name to put your comments down and now it looks like I'm calling myself hot!