Friday, March 25, 2011

Do we know the Truth?

Or are we Plato’s cave dwellers, watching shadows dance across the wall, mistaking them for what is real?

Chained to a life of uncertainty.

Outside; the sun, the Son, the Absolute, the Truth.

But our cave of relativism we prefer because the Absolute is bright. It hurts the eyes.

We cannot speak with authority if we do not know the Authority. We cannot speak a declaration if we do not know Him who declared His love by way of cross.

We have turned away from God and instead toward government for help. We read newspapers for the answers instead of the Word. Television entertains us but we know not the one Who gives true joy. We seek comfort from Social Networking rather than from the Son of Man.

We speak in questions because we do not know the Truth.

The Truth who is Man, who is Word, who is God.

The Truth says, “Seek through prayer, not Google.” The Truth says, “I AM your portion. Do not distract yourselves with false appearances and Facebook.” The Truth says, “Humble yourselves.” But we want platforms instead of Peace.

The Truth warns of suffering and self-denial and separation from the world.

 But we’d rather watch shadows dance across the wall.

It’s all relative, we say.

The shadows make sounds and we strain to hear them when what we really need is to silent them, so we might hear the small, still voice.

To know, to hear, to see the Truth is a responsibility we do not want.

“Is it really true?” the serpent asked and we’ve been questioning ever since.

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