Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Boy (Golden)

I enjoyed so much, yesterday, 'spotlighting' Verity, that I thought it would be nice to take the time to spotlight each of my children.

True is my one and only boy.  The oldest.  I love how God worked that out.  He was my first and only for three years.  Our 'golden boy'.  He still is.  We are so impressed by his heart.

He is all boy in the typical rowdy connotation. He seems to think our home is merely one more big bouncy house.  He jumps from tree to trampoline, throws dead bugs at me (ok, that only happened once but it was enough to be marked in my brain), and thinks the mattresses in our house are launching pads.

 But he also has such a servant's heart.  He has always possessed the ability to see a person's need.  This is my boy who does so much for his sisters even when I'm not looking.  He torments them, gladly, too, the way a brother is supposed to.  I will admit that there are moments he leaves me wringing my hands.  Not growing up with brothers myself, I have to often ask my dad and husband if True's behavior is 'normal'.  It is, they assure me.  Why, for instance does he insist on taking the mattresses off the bed to use as launching pads?  Why the pleasure in hearing the girls (including me) scream?  Why can't he eat without getting food 'on the ceiling' as my husband puts it?

This child, the one who inspired many a poem, many an essay, when I had the time for so much more of that, because he was my first child-love.  This is the boy who prays nightly for our unsaved friends by name (something he came up with), the boy who can't stand it when I'm hurting and sees right through me when I insist I'm not, the boy who makes breakfast for his sisters.

This is my son.

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  1. And what a son he is! Congratulations!

  2. so sweet! I just love that first one. thanks for showing off your shot!

  3. How nice he is, so close to his sisters - It's precious.