Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I'm Excited About

I'm super excited about something today.

 A while ago I had an idea for another blog.  I haven't written over there as much as I would have liked but over the weeks the idea has evolved.  I've really wanted to include reader participation.  But in a different way than is usual.  I've avoided a blog roll because I wanted more to feature other's thoughts, allow them to be read by all.  I envision it as a sort of meeting online.

Definition of meeting:  Voluntary fellowship of people suffering from alcoholism who seek to become and stay sober through mutual self-help by meeting in local, independent groups to share their common experience. Anonymity, confidentiality, and understanding of alcoholism as a disease free members to speak frankly. Many consider AA to be the most successful method of coping with alcoholism; participation raises the chances of success of other treatments. Its 12 steps to recovery include acknowledgment of the problem, faith in a "higher power" as understood by each individual, self-examination, and a desire to change for the better and to help others recover. Begun in 1935 by two alcoholics, AA has grown to some 2 million members worldwide. Similar organizations for abusers of other substances and for habitual gamblers and debtors are based on its principles.

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I wanted to do this in regards not to alcoholism but in regards to the human ailment of self.  For anyone who struggled in any sense.  For anyone who felt the need for freedom.  

I've probably lost some of you by now, but please bear with me.  

I wanted an entire space to do this so I chose the avenue of another blog.  I wanted it to focus on the idea of recovery from self-will, selfishness, addictions of any sort (be it addiction to food, cleaning, the Internet, whatever).  The idea was that we are all the same in this one way.  That the world would be such a better place if we could consider others above ourselves.  If we could work on seeing things from other's point of view with love and compassion.  This is hard to do because we, of course, see everything in relation to self.  That's natural.  But if we don't at least work on it, this quality we share can easily get out of hand and destroy relationships.  

So, I started the blog.  But then I didn't know how to go about accomplishing what it was I wanted to accomplish.  It was all very imperfect - still is.  

But if you're still with me, I want to share my heart with you a little (if you care) and tell you what I see.  I see a space (the blog) where humans (all) can come and share.  So then the blog roll doesn't work because I want everyone's voice to be heard. 

 I don't want to necessarily give a topic on any certain day because I want it to be more open than that.  I began by offering my email but realized that I probably wouldn't take anybody up on such an offer for two reasons.  One, I would just feel strange and two, my writing time is valuable.  If I write for someone else will that then take away my own blog time?  So, what I want to propose is that people can write what they want, let me know if they want (or will allow) me to feature it on Self Anonymous and they can still feature it, of course, on their own blog.  I just don't have the logistics figured out.  I don't know how to add a linky (?) even. 

 Another problem I found was when I was reading through it to give my step-daughter a better idea of what I was looking for, I realized there's so much about God.  Okay, that's not exactly a problem.  I can't change my writing or the fact that God infuses into everything about me but I do want the space to be open to anyone regardless of faith or lack of faith.  I do not want it to be exclusive.  I don't want people to think they have to talk about God just because I do.  So another idea I'm toying with is having a list of topics and people can choose based on what's on their heart at any given time.  A good place to start would be with the 12 principles.

Goodness, I hope  I'm not boring everyone to death.  I'm not too good with words of explanation.

I'm sharing this because it's so on my heart, I'd love to see a version of this idea come to fruition, I wanted to lead you to Megan words today  and I thought this might be the best place to begin with( my readers here).

Did that make a lick of sense?  Maybe Bill Wilson summed it up better when he said,

 "The wise have always known that no one can make much of his life until self-searching becomes a regular habit, until he is able to admit and accept what he finds, and until he patiently and persistently tries to correct what is wrong.  -Twelve and Twelve, p. 88

Ok, so onto my excitement (if anyone's still left).  I told you how my step-daughter came over the other night and how I so enjoyed her company.  In the midst of our conversation, I told her about Self Anonymous.  And then I gave her a writing assignment.  Because I can.  I (jokingly) told her it was due Friday.  I was hoping she'd do it.  She really was in no way obligated to.  And sweet, loving heart that she is, she did it!  She wrote a piece for me on humility (which is what I assigned her when she asked for me to please be more specific) and it's brilliant what came out of this twenty-one year old.  I'd be honored if you'd read her thoughts over here.

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  1. Very interesting Nicole - I read your step-daughter post, really good and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Have a lovely week-end. Stay well.

  2. Thanks, MarieHarmony. You have a good weekend, too!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    Anytime we can talk freely about our addictions, we move one step closer to healing and wholeness. As a leader in a 12-step recovery program, I myself make it a point to take inventory routinely and to confess regularly.

    Talking about our struggles with others not only helps others, but it helps us too.

    Blessings to you!

  4. I'd love to see you guys over there.