Sunday, September 25, 2011


In church today we read Philippians 2.  I love the title of the chapter: Imitating Christ's humility.

That's beautiful to me.

But why is it so hard?  Christ was obedient unto death. Many times I'm not obedient unto little things let alone death.

It's the flesh that has to be crucified.  It makes me think of what Megan said about our pride:  "It doesn't just go skipping."  Obviously not, or we wouldn't need to use the term, 'crucify'. And it's such a harsh term (such a harsh penalty He paid) that we believe it doesn't pertain to us.  That we're not in need of something so drastic.  That it's not really an issue.

And so I justify.  What if Christ had justified in the sense that he'd argued with God on the rightness or wrongness of why he should have to get on that cross.  Yes, he said, "If you can take this cup." But he didn't go to Gethsemane and argue with God about how He wasn't deserving--even though He wasn't.

Obedience, crucifixion.

And I want to sit around telling God why it's not fair that I have to drink the cup He's given me.  Why I don't think I should have to crucify my flesh.  Why others are worse.  They're always worse in my eyes.

We were worse.  And Christ was obedient unto death.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration and for reminding me... was here for SS.. see you back at my blog.

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