Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing with Words and Pinterest

So, so busy with this new schedule that I don't have down pat yet and I can't quite understand why so many moms get excited for school to start. I've been a little frantic with the commute, the lunches, homework, just the whole playing by someone else's rules.  I've been the manager of my own time for so long that I feel like the adjustment might be a little harder on me than the kids.

I feel like I've been running around all week with hardly a minute to breathe.  My house shows it.

So, I'm here.  To breathe. To slow.   To find that space where I can sort the jumbled, crazy thoughts and just get down in words some semblance of sense.

And, also, how can I not blog when there's wordcandy to play with

and Pin-terpretation!

How fun is this stuff?  Seriously, I wish I had come up with it.

Maybe I should be finishing dinner but I'm looking at my dominant colors on Pinterest to see what they say about me.   Across the (literal) board, my colors are neutral and soft. That means I'm an introvert. No surprise, there.  But my Art board  contains more vivid hues than my Dream House board.  Maybe, I'm bolder in my creative life than my real life. My Want board has pops of bright color throughout and my Wow board seems to calm down as I scroll up.  What could that mean?

Like I really need more of an excuse to go on Pinterest.  But maybe, just maybe this is brilliant.  This idea that looking at our boards, could reveal more about ourselves than we might have thought.

I could probably do this for a few more hours but alas, the kids are hungry.

You should get the book.  It's pretty cool.
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