Monday, February 28, 2011

Being a Caleb

When we're afraid to be vulnerable with others, are we actually afraid to be vulnerable with God?

When we build walls of protection, are we really erecting walls to keep out God, as well?

Who are we putting our trust in if we do these things? 

God has been revealing to me, that so many of my trust issues, my refusal to be vulnerable, apprehension with others, all stem out of mistrust for Him.

I say I trust Him, but how do my relationships reflect that?

What would I have to be afraid of if I really trusted God with everything?  Who could hurt me, if I was leaning wholly on the Lord and not on others? 

And also, aren't trust issues often tangled up with pride, fear of pain, need for control?

Am I missing out on the land of milk and honey because I'm afraid?  Am I lacking joy, because I'm convinced like the Israelites, that although God has promised something to me, the land he's sending me to will "devour".  Am I, rather than choosing to trust, worrying about giants and fortified walls?  The amplified Bible points out in the footnotes for Numbers 13:28 that, "those who forgot God's power to help them naturally found the situation formidable, as happens in the lives of most people. "'But God' makes all the difference between cowards and Caleb."

What is stopping me from being a Caleb? 


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