Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Place of Me

In the place I'm's my place.  But it shouldn't be, really.  For I am a temple.  And I am hidden in Christ.  This mystery, this beauty is what will take me out of myself and allow me to feel the True Presence.

Today, I am itchy.  I am irksome.  It's one of those days, created by me.  I'm rushed, lagging and behind in homework, writing poetry rather than analyzing it for my assignment, praying the baby will stay asleep a little longer and annoyed that my kids are addicted to television though I've quickly become addicted to Twitter.

So; quiet.  I need the whir of the fan above, the feel of the bedspread beneath, the view of the backyard where my kids are playing and above all, a peaceful quiet in my heart, not in my surroundings, to hear His voice.

I want to be aware and unaware.  Unaware of real life long enough for true awareness.  Unhurried enough to spend the time I need right where I am and where He wants me.  At His feet and in His grace.


  1. Oh, the itchy days. :) I can only guess that they have something to tell us.

    I loved your comment over at Seedlings.

    I love that you wrote poetry instead of analyzing it.

  2. Thanks, I forgot to link the first time around. Now I did. :)

  3. "At His feet and in His grace"...the best place of all to be as we walk through the days.

  4. sure have had my own kind of itchy days recently. still unsure of how to be in his grace in these particular moments. it must, in some way, include being at his feet.

  5. I like that line about the television and twitter. Made me smile - it's familiar to me.