Friday, July 22, 2011


I was debating whether to blog or clean.  Blogging won.

My, how my perspective has changed since I have moved.  In Iowa, I would never have been able to sit down and write, knowing the house was messy.

Okay, anybody who ever saw my house in Iowa knows that by 'messy', I mean trashed.  My house is always a little messy.  I'm not exactly a neat freak.

But still, I think I'm learning more and more to quit trying to be perfect.  Learning how pointless that is.  I'm learning to break my own stupid rules.

So, I'm putting off cleaning .

But I'm also putting off something else that needs to be done.  Something which may involve conflict.  And I hate conflict.  I'm not exactly assertive, either.

 I'm also not good with boundaries. Doesn't that word make you cringe?  I'm much more inclined to hope a problem will go away than deal with it head on.

But as my perspective changes, I'm starting to see real issues waiting to be dealt with. Boundaries which seriously need to be set.   Word which need to be spoken - by me.  I need to tell the truth in love.

I need to get on with it.  Dragging these things out has a way of worsening them.  I should know this.  I'm experienced.

So, today, I will make intentional choices for my family and me.  Today I will be honest and loving, though there may be pain.  Today I will do what I know I need to.

  I'll clean and then I'll do it.....

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