Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Trickle Down Effect

Lately, I find myself chiding my children for the way they talk to each other.

They're taking the task of 'instructing' each other far too seriously.  In fact, they're abusing it.

I do a lot of handing off duties.  Meaning, I ask the older ones to help with the younger ones.  This responsibility is good for them.

 But, recently, I've noticed that I'm having to preface each delegation with, "Nicely", or "Kindly".  Meaning, "Could you please, kindly, help the baby get dressed?"  "Would you nicely ask your sister to put her shoes on?"  This is my softer way of saying, "Get the baby dressed without making her scream."

Because the older ones make the younger ones scream.  A lot.  And when the babies are mad....everyone's mad.  

Case in point, I hear some screaming at this very moment.  Yikes.  What has happened?  Why do my older ones speak so impatiently and harshly sometimes?

I'm afraid it may be the trickle down effect.  Could it be that I respond impatiently to them?  That I snap?  I would hope that if this is the case, my children are adding some angst of their own rather than downright imitating my tone.  I hope.

Convicted, I am working, intentionally, on demonstrating patience even when in a hurry, calm even in chaos, kindness even when someone is in trouble.

So there you have it - my confession of the day.  My children listen to me.  They imitate me.  God, allow me to be imitate worthy.

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