Monday, July 25, 2011


I, seriously, need to learn to prioritize my time.  

Yesterday, reading from Dear Jesus by Sarah Young, she writes in His voice saying, "By gazing at Me, you gain my perspective on your life.  This time with Me is essential for untangling your thoughts and smoothing out the day before you."

God, how much I need this.  

My thoughts are a tangled mess, ratted like the girl's hair and it's painful to let You brush it all out.

My school, the kids' school starting soon, tending to the family, the house, the budget - it's too easy to push You out. My mind seems so crowded that it's hard to gain perspective.

Young talks about that morning time and I am learning how essential it is to lay in bed awhile.  To just look out the window and pray before I rise.  Ask God to lead my steps... but then, when I get up, where do I go?  I go straight to the coffee and my phone. The Bible is two steps away and I walk right past.  How is checking my messages more important than listening to God's voice and direction?

Thank God for His grace.  It was today's devotion by Young which reminded me that God looks "for persistence - rather than perfection".

Lord, keep my thoughts on You.  Thank you for honoring my attempts and for being patient.  

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  1. I, too, struggle with the issue of waking and heading to my computer before God's word. And I fail soooo many times. He often gets crowded out. Yet, God does look for persistence - rather than perfection. Thank you