Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh well

Today is a tired day. A bone-tired day. Sundays seem to be so.

I have learned somewhat to live with fatigue. Mostly because it leaves no choice.

But Sundays, the day of rest, comes weekly to demand of me a stilling. Perhaps, the symptoms, psychosomatic because Brett is home and can help. I am more inclined then to sit. Or even sleep.

Lazy Sundays, for body and mind. Even my brain hushes. Studying the Naturalist Worldview is laborious because it is all very philosophical and thus I strain to take it all in.

I should have completed my homework on Saturday.

But oh well.

Acceptance is key. Acceptance of conditions and fatigue and weakness. I don't need to be stalwart on Sundays. His power is made strong in my weakness. And His grace is sufficient.
So, I resign, am patient with the progress and the process. I oblige myself mercy because God does. Because God is not a legalist.

This is what I have come to hear on Sundays. Rest. Everything else can wait. Tomorrow is Monday and everything will resume, but today, just be. Allow others to be.

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