Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ah, the sun!

I woke up this morning (late by other's standards, early by mine) and noticed something definitely curious. Through sleepy eyes, I gazed from my bedroom into the living room where the kids were playing and what was it that was so altered? The house looked somehow improved, my furniture, pictures, decorations were all glowing it seemed. The ceiling even was blushing hues of rose, salmon, and coral.

The sun was streaming in! Glorious way to wake up to the new year. How amazing what light can do not only to the look of things but to one's spirit. I felt like this soft shine was God's morning gift to me, welcoming me into 2011, telling me that all is well and all will be well.

So yes, it is bitter cold today and there was a thick layer of frost on my kitchen window but the sun's bedazzle keeps my spirit high. This is all, to me analogous of God Himself being the light, and how in His presence, there is a surety of well-being. Everything looks different within His perspective.

I would love to wish away the winter and the way she stretches on like an endlessly enduring eclipse, wearing out her welcome by too many months. But then would I be able to appreciate the light had I not experienced the dark?

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