Monday, January 3, 2011

Pursuing Whist

So today is the end of winter break which was in many ways both too long and too short. I did not feel ready to start school again, either for myself or with the kids. But it's always those humps that just have to be clambered over and then the realization finally arrives that what was before us was attainable and nothing to have been worried over.

And I enjoyed both teaching and learning today and also starting back up the routines that we need, the structure. I could so easily, in this season, fall into discontent, noting all the things I still don't have or desire changed or I could work peacefully in this household on all prosaic tasks, aware that each day God has so much knowledge to give me and joy to impart within the simple which becomes profound.

Monks understand that working quietly with their hands is a form of prayer and this is an attitude I want to develop this new year. Doing dishes, laundry, cooking, housecleaning can all be times of meditation, reflection and conversation with God, rather than the slow drudgery I tend to make it. To be a servant to my family means I am allowed to be like Christ. He came to serve. Why would I want anything more? Each moment needs to be intentional and will be, so long as I recognize it's significance. I truly want for nothing because with God I have been gifted everything.

I am grasping this truth daily and experiencing the gratitude and love my heart feels with this thought.


  1. Nikki - nice work your Blog. Keep it up - I hope you all have a great 2011. Finding joy in the everyday is a great place to be and to strive for.....

  2. Thanks, Ron. I enjoy reading yours too.