Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been called.  I don't know most days what that means.  How to take it beyond that.

Called into the light, given the mind of Christ, called to do all for His glory.

But most of the time, I lose sight of this.  Most of the time I feel like all I've been called to is being a mother and that I'm not even very good at that.  Then I wonder if I was even called to that.

But the truth is my very identity is His.  In Him.  He called me by name.  To be His child.  And He knows me intimately, loves me grandly.

It's an invitation, an appointing.  It's a daily submission, a daily seeking to figure out what all that means.

He calls me away, to come away from the world, to rest, to be with Him.

He calls me to serve, to help build His kingdom.  To give of myself as He gave of Himself.

And I'm not great at that.  But my name was called and the invitation is irrevocable.  And as His child I know that He does not grow weary of me, He has hopes and dreams for me, He sees the future and the good.  Where I am blind and tired and hopeless, I remember that I was called.  I am called.  And so I show up.  Every day.

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  1. Nicole - thanks for a great post on our "God calling". I have always loved the story of Jonah, for his personal call was ignored and God brought him to face his greatest fear - namely, embracing his call to a task he did not like nor want.


  2. I'm sure you're a good mother and if you haven't been called for that you wouldn't have children I'm sure too. you shouldn't doubt that gift, dear :) thank you so much for joining 'Earth Wonders' with such a powerful post. xoxo

  3. Thank you, Heidi. And Ana, of course you're right. Thanks.

  4. Thoughts to ponder, for sure...

    Thank God yesterday is gone.
    Thank God today is here.
    Thank God for a new morning.

    Show up each day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. We all have doubts at time, but our Lord is always there. Through Him all things are possible! Love the editting you did on the trees and sunlight! God's love shining through to remind you He's with you!