Sunday, October 2, 2011

Know the Light

Sometimes I feel silenced.  And I write anyway. Because writing freely heals, it means I recognize, I admit.

How can I find healing if I can not admit that I am broken?

Secrets silence struggle.

To cover for others, I must veil myself.   To share means stigma.  But isn't that the goal?  To make me hide in humiliation?  To suffocate me in shame?

I have to see the light to heal.  I have to know the light.  And I have to know who I am.  Whose I am.  Because there are moments when the lies will come fast and furious and confusion will set in if you are not grounded in the Word and in Truth.  You will sink.  If you are not watchful the lies will come from the mouths of those you trust and you will be taken.  I have learned this the hard way.  But I am grateful that I know the light and the Son and that though there are moments when I feel like I don't quite know who I am, the I Am that I Am knows me.  And He calls me by name.  

Scenic Sunday


  1. I second that.. Amen! So glad that even when I lose sight of myself He knows my name. Such a wonderful feeling.

  2. It is a great blessing to know we belong to God and He knows our name. He also knows everything about us and still loves us.
    Thank you for sharing.