Friday, October 14, 2011

Night Writing

I'm trying to blog at night then post it in the day.

 I'm not sure it's working for me.  I type now and lack that usual sense of place.  That rush I'd get from taking my time out during the day, away from the kids, aiming for the higher.

But it seems I've been too busy and things that shouldn't be are falling by the wayside.  So, I'm trying this night time writing.

The kids should have been in bed forty minutes ago.  My husband should have been home two hours ago.

Instead, the kids are frosting cupcakes with my dad overseeing.  I passed it off so I could come here.

So maybe this isn't working either.

By this time of day my brain is getting mushy.  I'm ready for silence and relaxation.  I can't tap rightly into that area I need to be in for writing.

But...there is bending with life.  Rearranging.  Trials.  So, we shall see what happens.

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  1. I know your struggle - that seeming inablilty to find the right time (or, the write time). It is a challenge because life is an ebb and flow. It isn't a constant. Hang in there - you'll find your place - your time. (And by the way, I love that even your "mushy brain" is still inspirational to me!)

  2. I know it can be hard to find some time and a place to reflect and pause for a while. But your words always talk to me one way or another.
    Have a lovely day!