Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I hold inside myself stories untold.

The happenings thus far, simply characters and setting but the plot continues to unfold.

I have just figured this out.

What I have previously believed to be a story are merely chapters in the great novel of my life.  And though I will never right the next Great American Novel, my life will be my own version of this, as will yours.

Because I only have one life to live.  The thought following that is, "so you better get it right".  But I won't.  There will be things I miss, things I add which should have been left out.  The important thing is that I remember that I'm actually not the author.  He is.  I'll let him weave the words, create the climaxes and enter the hero because what I could put down would be not only unworthy of market but tragic.

So, I'll live each day on the page I'm at.  I can't peek ahead and I can't erase what's come.  I just trust.  Trust that He is the best storyteller who's ever been and He's writing mine.


  1. good words/thoughts to remember. thanks so much for sharing of yourself today.

  2. Life is a story, unfolding day by day. And, we cannot read ahead.

  3. living each day on the page we are at...there is great wisdom in that...and in letting him hold the pen...

  4. Very nice Nicole and thank you for reminding us of this. We tend to forget he is the one who does it all and living a day at a time is the best thank you we can articulate.

  5. you spoke my language with this. the language of words, and you convicted me: he is the author, not me. thank you friend. and your story is beautiful, unfolding...