Wednesday, October 26, 2011


One thing I am exceedingly grateful for in my life, one thing I come back to again and again, is friendship.  The special friendships God has allowed me to cultivate.

And how He uses these friends to speak to my heart, to impart joy and wisdom.  To aid me in revelations.

This morning I was praying hard, under heaviness and a dear friend called and through our conversation my spirits were lifted and my walk refreshed.

I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.

I love knowing that God has hand-picked for me women who compliment me.

 I am blessed beyond words in this area.


  1. Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us that two are better than one. Praise God for friends that share our burdens and our joys, that encourage one another, and that hold one another accountable.
    May you be richly blessed with friends and all good and perfect gifts from above!

  2. nothing is random...and the people around us, yeah they are def something to be thankful for...

  3. amen. i am so thankful for the friends that i have been blessed with, too.

  4. My friends have been with me through a lot of tough times. God has brought us together and for that, I am thankful.

  5. Oh, yes--this. My sisters give me such a dose of Christ-love and in such a way that I can't get anywhere else...celebrating friendship with you tonight, Nicole. :)

  6. Your post reminds me of one of my favorite songs, "More Than You'll Ever Know" by Watermark. It celebrates the gift of particular friendships that share a love for Christ. SO thankful God has blessed you with the treasure of friendship. (Me, too!)


  7. Friends are precious gifts from God and always there with the rights words at the right time - a miracle to be thankful for every day. Time to celebrate friendship - stay well Nicole.

  8. oh, i know friend. i've been struck by this recently too. blessings, e.