Friday, October 28, 2011


It's evolved to the point that I shudder when I hear the word, 'relevant'.  Which may not be fair.

Sadly, it's a word which has been somewhat abused in certain church circles.  I'm not even sure what the term means in relation to Christianity.  But I know what I've come to associate it with: the idea that the Bible is not relevant anymore on its own so God must rely on people of today to spice it up or water it down or (most of all) make it 'cool'.

That bugs me.  The Bible is as relevant today as it ever was.  I don't feel the need for youth pastors in today's fashions and Christian rock bands to convince me of this.  Furthermore, I don't believe the next generation needs to be convinced of its relevance by means of leaders who conform to the world's standards.

  I think we've been sold a lie and I think our intelligence has been underestimated.

I could probably go on for more than five minutes but it's Five Minute Friday so it's stop time.

What are your thoughts on this word?

Disclaimer: I understand that the term is used in many positive cases and in alliance with many positive causes and groups(like the Relevant conference which I so hope to go to someday); it's just that my immediate reaction always comes to how I've most often heard it.


  1. It's been very interesting reading different entries on the "Relevant" prompt. Quite a few have expressed a strong distaste for the word and the demands for relevance in so many arenas. I really enjoyed reading your viewpoint and found it similar to my own. I appreciate the disclaimer...not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  2. I agree...maybe an overused words...I don't think it is is really quite simple...maybe just not easy...wrote along the same line today...