Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Writing Helps

I may not be able to stay away.  Yes, the obsessiveness may just be too much.

I think I have a fear that if I don't write, I'll forget how.

I'm sure I won't really forget but there is something to be said about staying in flow.  Staying in practice.  In times past, when I've abandoned writing, it has been hard to pop back in.  But on the flip side there's the issue of just not always having something to say....or at least something appropriate to say.  Because I always have a million thoughts racing around, it's just that they're not all edifying.

And then, too, I feel an urge to write for a purpose.  A reason.  To let God speak through me.  For whoever He chooses.

Because there's so much sadness, so much misunderstanding, and so many people who need to hear, in this world.  And writing helps me to hear.

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