Thursday, October 6, 2011


"For You, Lord, have helped me and comforted me." Psalm 86:17

The air is chilling early and I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer.

 Home at long last and I feel betrayed by the sudden turn of weather.  The warmth has comforted me for so many days and how I wished for it when I was away.

 But seasons change in atmosphere and life and I cannot live nostalgic always for last week.

So, remembering that He was faithful to bring me back,  I find comfort in a cozy sweater, hot coffee, immersion in a steaming bath.  I allow God to bring to mind that His mercies are new every morning, His peace is for each day, His warmth available every moment.  In the crazy, cold times of life, wind howling with my soul, I recall that He gave me a sound mind.  That it is His unfailing love which cheers, that He comforts those who mourn, that grieving is painful but God's presence alleviates.  Yes, the flood of verses, memorized, He presents me in time of need and chill.  And always there is relief in grace.

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  1. What a perfect post for a Pondering!!!!
    Thanks for joining Nicole!

  2. The effect on the first photo seems like a negative; it's a good effect on the scene.

  3. oh nicole i hear you. i found it hard to say goodbye to summer too... but like you remind us so well, he is faithful. love to you. xo

  4. These photos really evoke a mood. Beautiful. Thank you for linking up Nicole!

  5. I reckon if we didn't experience autumn, we wouldn't appreciate summer so much. Lots of love to you!

  6. Lovely, just lovely. He is SO precious in His Faithfulness to us. What a joy. Thank you so much for linking up!!! :)