Monday, August 1, 2011

And from the list of books to get:

"There is another calling for the artist, and that is one of linking earth to heaven, pointing the human to the divine, finding the connections." Part of the pointing is no pointing at all, but simply bringing one's own beauty and walking along."

-Luci Shaw  Breath for the Bones

How beautiful is that?  

Is that what it means to be not only an artist but a Christian?  

Can other's tell Who we follow?  

I don't mean, necessarily by our actions and our words, although these are telling signs but isn't Christianity so much more than said theology and good deeds?  Is it perhaps a peace within us that shines His light?  A certainty we exude that is a far greater witness than all the words we might speak?  Not a smug certainty.  A certainty about us that God loves us, that though there are storms, we are protected.  If we are at peace with God, we will be at peace with others.  If we know we are loved, we will love.  Maybe it's just that something some people has.  That something that seems to make us wonder how they are able to be so unmoved by the pains of this world, how they are able to extend such grace, the quietness of their souls.  That something that is almost tangible love.  

God, I want to be that kind of Christian. 

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