Sunday, August 21, 2011


I read recently, in the bio of a blog I follow, a statement which said something along the lines of , "When I started blogging, I didn't know how much I'd talk about being a child of God."  This resonated with me.  I can't help but notice that as time goes on , my blog (my words) have become much less apologetic.  This blog has done something to me.  Or, rather, the process and discipline of sitting down everyday to write.  God has been working on me and speaking to me.  And as I've been challenged, I've also found myself excited.  As I write about who I am in Christ, I am beginning to understand it as well.

Today in church the pastor talked about how the enemy is a thief.  He tries to steal our very identity.  Our identity is in God.  We are His children.  I loved this:  "What I say about God may be true but what He says about me is true."  How beautiful is that?  I will never do a perfect job when it comes to expressing God's character or love.  But I can take with certainty what He says in His word, which is that I am His, to be an infallible truth.  And that's exciting.

I'm excited too, about my new blog.  Excited, and of course, a little scared.  Because I'm always a little scared with new endeavors.  And, though, I've been linking to it, I also want to make sure my motives are pure and that I'm not pushy.  So, I've written a disclaimer, of sorts.  But I also, today, want to give out an open invitation.  I'd really love if you would visit me there, and prayerfully consider joining me.

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