Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Linking up for the first time today with Imperfect Prose.  Instructions:  link up a post (old or new) that you feel is 'broken' or 'imperfect' or somehow redemptive 

Which of my posts is not imperfect?  

I, myself, am in no way perfect.  I quit laboring, long ago, to fight this.  

Though "I press on".

On this earth, I will trustingly, grow in holiness, yet I will not be perfected while here.  Today, I embrace my 'imperfections' as those areas which might draw me toward God.  These are the areas where I am able to see my need for a Savior.  

Again, a paradox.  God desires my imperfection as a means by which to 'perfect' me.  Sanctify me.  

But if I admit that I have rightfully accepted my own 'imperfections', how can I not then accept others?

How can I hold any unforgiveness in my heart?

Today Ann Voskamp speaks of forgiving parents. 

 "Sometimes the child tenderly parents the parent,"  she says. 

 And this is true.  Parenting as I know it now as a parent involves love, unconditional.  Forgiveness, unconditional.  And Ann Voskamp has a way of cutting tenderly right to the quick.  As she talks about her failures as a mother, I am face to face with mine.  And yet, though I fail my children, I expect what of my own parents?  Perfection? 

 I am so fortunate to have the blessed assurance that they will be in Heaven, perfected someday. 


 But here on earth?  Yes, we are all imperfect. 

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  1. I love how you have interlaced the imperfect with the perfect in so many areas. Lovely.