Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school.  We are two weeks and two days late if we're keeping pace with the nearest school district.  Which I usually try to do but couldn't this year, as the kids were vacationing at their grandparent's.  Yet, this is the beauty of homeschooling.

This is also my first year 'making up the rules'. Rather than stick to a specific curriculum, this year, I picked my own hodgepodge collection of books and I am setting my own schedule.  We shall see.

I am teaching off the oldest in most subjects.  I'm doing a little bit of group learning.  I know, I know. I hate group learning, buy hey...

I never know how the year will flow.  I never know how the day will flow.

We are in a new house, in a new state, with new books and subjects.

But some things never change.  The boy still can not sit still.  He still insists on doing the worm while I read aloud.  I think he needs a squeeze ball.

The girl still wants to do extra work.  She still has a desire to overachieve.  There could be worse things.

Overall, I feel that we are off to a good start.


  1. I read your boy won't sit still while you are reading...Have you tried letting him doodle? I know if someone is reading to me I have to be doodling or writing it down or something to be able to pay attention. I've always been this way. Just an idea...

  2. Kasi, I do let him doodle, though it drives me crazy because I feel like he's not paying attention. But maybe he is! I've thought about a squeeze ball...