Monday, August 22, 2011

Mary Heart

My kids have been gone two weeks and are coming home today.  Yay!  It has been surreal not having them here. But...

 Confession:  I had plans to have a very clean house while they were gone.  But.

 I took the time to write instead.  I wrote a lot.  And so today, because my mother-in law is bringing them home, I woke up and started cleaning like mad.

 And now I'm here; writing.  Because my house is guest ready?  No.  I'm not finished cleaning.  I'm just here because I decided that my writing is more important than cleaning.

The house is somewhat clean.  Clean enough.  But if I will be losing time now that the kids are coming home, I think I'd rather take these last few moments of free time to contemplate.

 I have embraced this truth about me:  I have a Mary heart, not a Martha heart. I am a contemplative.

Marthas are amazing.  The world would be a pig sty without them.  But what would the world be like without the Marys?  So, today instead of beating myself up because I'm not a Martha, I embrace my Maryness.  Jesus loves us all.


  1. I think it is neat to have a break from the kids; I think it is good for all of you. I also think if one can have such a break, they should do something they want to do, like write, instead of devoting the time to something they should do, like clean house. I'm glad you took the time to write and be contemplative. That is always a good thing. And the house will get cleaned the way you want it when you want it. I'm sure the kids are tucked in their own beds by now and you are enjoying them being back home.

  2. After your comment on my blog, I was curious about your post! We can be Marys together. :) I love "I'm just here because I decided my writing is more important than cleaning." Yeah, I feel ya. Glad to have discovered your blog! :)