Friday, August 5, 2011

Broken for Whole

Five minute Friday challenge:

Whole:  God's desire for me.  This means I take all of the everything from my past: my dirty little secrets, my pain, my resentments, and I hand them over.  I say to God, "Here I am - broken."  Because this is what God desires from me.  A broken and contrite heart.  It is only with this gift, this gift that seems so unworthy, that I can  trade the old man for the new man.  We can not hide from God.  We think we can hide from other people.  But when we do so, we lack whole relationships.  If we are whole in Christ, we will be able to offer wholeness to others.  I do not yet, at this point understand what 'whole' would look like.  It is, I believe a journey.  But when we are raw before God and others, slowly God is able to piece us together.  He is able to mold our hearts to be like His and He is able to restore our relationships.  Whole is health.  Health encompasses so much more than our physicality.  God did not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.  A whole mind.  The mind of Christ.  Everything then, a circle.  Everything then leading back to the creator of the Whole universe.


  1. I like this: "I do not yet, at this point understand what 'whole' would look like." I don't think any of us know what "whole" looks like. Bet we'll be amazed when we see it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like this idea - that were are a puzzle of pieces that are slowing being put together piece-by-pieces by God. I think I feel my own blog post coming on... and I'll be sure to link to yours!
    :) Mags / &

  3. Beautifully written. I love the phrase "raw before God"...thanks for sharing!

  4. As always, I am encouraged reading your post! I think you are right - we cannot and should not hide from God. It is only when we give him everything can He make us whole! Nicely done!