Friday, August 26, 2011

The Gift of Aging


Wow, yes, this word brings much to mind, not necessarily pleasant.  At first.

 But truly, isn't aging a gift?

 Would I go back to the angst of my teenage years?  The hard knocks of my twenties?  And at thirty-two, I've bumped that hump of 'thirty'.  It wasn't so bad.  And I've heard many say forty's even better.

I did feel like I came into my own at thirty.  I felt like a woman.  That sounds cheesy, maybe, but it's true.  I find myself more comfortable in my own skin as I grow older.  More confident.  This must be the wisdom which hopefully, in most cases accompanies the aging process.

I just read a 'duh' article recently- the headline something to the tune of 'Older people make better decisions'.  I've lived with a teenager.  I've been a teenager.  I think this article kind of goes without saying.  Perhaps, at forty I'll look back at my thirties and think, "Whew, I wouldn't do that again"  but right now I'm embracing the present and living in the moment.  I want to intentionally live and grow.

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  1. Well done!
    Have a nice weekend
    Elisa, Argentina

  2. Well I happy to age my self because in my mind a year added is that lesss to live. I don't feel more like a woman now, though : I was much more feminine when I was younger. I feel more wise, in fact, more tired, also... And now I'm interested in things like taking picture I had no time to do when I was younger...

    By the way, your first picture is awesome : the pinky reflected sky in the water is so gorgeous...