Monday, August 29, 2011


My mind is running amuck today.  My thoughts are so many right now, I can't promise to make sense of them here.  Yes, God is here.  Yes, I am hearing more and more.  And there are times when His voice brings to light that which is all at once a beautiful yet painful revelation.

It all started with friends....

And a great weekend filled with open but intense conversation.  And God was there.  And these are the conversations I live for.  When the deep calls out to the deep.  But still deep requires risk.  A stepping into the light.

And whose is the voice calling out from the desert, I wonder?  Is it my own?

Sometimes I don't know.

But I do know that when I seek, I find.  And here is my confession:  In church yesterday the pastor read from one chapter while I read from another but God spoke to me through what I read.

Isn't life full of these? These mysteries?  And the confusion was comforted but still the journey that continues prompts boats rocking with questions, and we the disciples worry and wring our hands but then Jesus wakes and stills the storm- every time.  Every day.

Every day I enter the boat.  That's okay.  It rocks.  I worry.  Jesus calms.  If I don't admit it's daily, I lack honesty.

The storm may take different forms.  It may be only a shower that my eyes in the darkness perceive as a storm.  But shower or storm...God is here.


  1. This is a really beautiful meditation, you know. And this -- "But I do know that when I seek, I find" -- I am learning that, a little bit each day, too.

  2. THere are so many mysteries in Him, aren't there? But He gently leads us on, one step at a time, always giving what we need in that moment. Such a lovely reflection.

  3. Paradoxical, these mysteries we seek to understand. And yes He is so giving when we ask. Thank you, Michelle and Laura.